Thursday, 15 December 2016 00:00

A little Help FHS

About two years ago I was shooting a varsity rival game at the CHS gym.  An eagle mom came up to me and asked if I ever took on any helpers and what would be a great camera to get for her daughter.  Fast forward two year, I am on a senior shoot with Alexa Ruso.  Her best friend came along to help her out, during the shoot Kendra expressed an interest in photography.  As the shoot went along she continued to pick my brain.  A few months later, I took on Alexa and Kendra as interns.  I dubbed them my little Jedi Apprentices, together we have covered, senior shoots, football, Volleyball and much more.

About a week ago, kendra left her Camera a gift from her mom, yes the very same mom that asked me what camera to buy her two years ago.  Someone got into her locked locker and stole, her her entire camera bag.  I am not a gambling man, but I am guessing that someone knows something.  If you know anything, let the Administration know, if your tip help to retrieve her gear, I will make it up to you, I promise.

As a young Marine someone got into my locker and stole my camera bag, yes it was a cannon from back in the day.  I know how this feels. 

Thanks in advance.


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